MESA invests in early stage internet and enterprise startups. Our approach to identifying and supporting our portfolio generates distinctive competitive advantages for our companies. We seek the most promising entrepreneurs as partners and co-invest alongside the best Seed and Series A investors.

What we believe
Our goal is to help our portfolio companies whenever and wherever we can. In addition to our financial investment, we invest social capital and resources that we believe are equally valuable in driving a startup’s success. Our team works closely with our portfolio companies to create strategic advantages in business development, growth and fundraising. Our LPs include major global corporations and high level executives from some of the largest technology and media companies. We tap into our team’s network of relationships to provide investor introductions, corporate access, executive team hiring, client & advertiser introductions, marketing support and distribution partnerships.
We believe that tomorrow’s leading companies can be found in many different places. While we focus our efforts on the U.S., we also make select investments in exciting international markets from Finland to India and Kenya to Colombia.

March 2, 2015 22:22:15